Lichtenstein Garden Palace

Lichtenstein Garden Palace

Distance: 700m

For over 300 years deeply rooted in Vienna’s history, the GARDEN PALACE of the princely family of Liechtenstein is notable for the stunning symbiosis of architecture and masterpieces of art history. The impressively restored and renovated palace is available for hire as an innovative setting for events. The GARDEN PALACE – with the Sala Terrena, the Hercules Hall, the Ladies’ Apartments and the magnificent gardens – convey an impression of aristocratic life. A selection of unique masterpieces of art from the early Renaissance to the High Baroque era at the GARDEN PALACE may be viewed exclusively as part of an event. The Garden with the area of 5 hectares is open daily to public visiting.

Pay attention, that attendance of palaces is available with tours only.

Location: Fürstengasse 1

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Photo: © Fotomanufaktur Grünwald


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